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Invitation to Offer:

In November 2020, the Townsville Aquatic Precinct Trust secured a grant of $4M from the Queensland Government to purchase the land upon which the club is currently located (including an adjacent allotment). A Funding Agreement between the TAP Trust and Queensland Government has been negotiated in relation to the grant. The agreement segments the funding across two specific stages:

• Stage 1 - related to the acquisition of the land (now completed); and

• Stage 2 - relates to the front-end planning and development of the concept for the TAP

The overall objective of Stage 2 is to assist the TAP Trust to deliver a comprehensive business case that reflects a viable concept ready for both planning and funding applications. This Invitation to Offer forms a critical part of the success of this business case providing both Architectural and Town Planning services.

As part of the Funding Agreement, the TAP Trust was required to implement a project management solution to assist it in completing the project activities and in administering the terms of the Funding Agreement for the duration of the Project. The TAP Trust has appointed PVW Partners for the Project Management of this Project and will be referred to as the TAP PMO.

The Customer will be the TAP Trust however the contracting structure will have all Suppliers reporting directly to the TAP PMO. The TAP PMO will be responsible for communication to the TAP Trust via the TAP Project Control Group.

Invitation Issued: 13th May 2022

Briefing Session: 20th May 2022

Closing Date: 27th May 2022 5:00pm


North Ward 4810

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