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Attention is directed to an application for a Permanent Road Closure (i) of an area of about 406 m2 being part of Costigan Street abutting Lot 9 on

T9487 as shown on Drawing LAGIS-407.

Objections to the application must be submitted no later than 2 May 2024, in writing to the

Department of Resources Atherton Office PO Box 210 Atherton Qld 4883 or online at the

Queensland Government's website at 'Current Road Closure Applications':

Any objections received may be viewed by other parties interested in the proposed road closure

under the provisions of the Right to lnformation Act 2009.

lf you lodge an objection, please include in your objection letter whether you would like to be

consulted if this issue becomes the subject of an access request under the Right to lnformation Act 2009.

For further details and to view a copy of the drawings, contact the Department of Resources

Natural Resources Office, Atherton or on (07) 3708 ... quoting reference number

20221001035 or view the application online on the Queensland Government's website at

Current Road Closure Applications' :

Atherton 4883

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