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Date listed: 14/9/2020

PROPOSAL TO UPGRADE VODAFONE MOBILE PHONE BASE STATION AT 525 Pumicestone Road, Caboolture, QLD 4510 including 5G

1. The proposed upgrade to the existing facility involves:

  • Installation of three new 5G panel antennas to be attached on new mounts;
  • Replacement of existing panel antennas;
  • Replacement of new headframe on the antenna mounts;
  • Installation and reconfiguration of ancillary equipment, including RRUs; and
  • Installation and reconfiguration of equipment within the existing equipment shelter.


2. Vodafone regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 ("The Determination") based on the description above.


3. In accordance with Section 7 of C564:2018 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code, we invite you to provide feedback about the proposal. Further information and/or comments should be directed to: Cathy Chung at Nokia Solutions & Networks on 0406 001... or at communityrelations.vha@groups.nokia.com by Tuesday 13 October 2020. Further information may also be obtained from www.rfnsa.com.au/4510029.



Caboolture 4510