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Date listed: 13/2/2020

Optus plans to improve the services in the Toowoomba Area with the introduction of new equipment and technological upgrades to the existing mobile phone base stations located at the existing: •Monopole facility at Video Avenue and North Street MOUNT LOFTY QLD 4350 (RFNSA # 4350025, Site Ref: B0100 Toowoomba) •Lattice Tower facility at 86 Volker Street DARLING HEIGHTS QLD 4350 (RFNSA # 4350007, Site Ref: B0104 Toowoomba South) •Monopole facility at 878 Ruthven St KEARNEYS SPRING QLD 4350 (RFNSA # 4350004, Site Ref: B1202 KEARNEYS SPRING) •Rooftop facility at St Vincent’s Hospital, 22 Scott Street EAST TOOWOOMBA QLD 4350 (RFNSA # 4350036, Site Ref: B8486 Toowoomba CBD east) 1. The proposed upgrades include the installation of three (3) new remote radio units (RRUs) and associated external cabling; the installation of six (6) new combiners; the installation of new cabling and equipment within the existing equipment shelter; and any other associated works necessary or desirable for the operation or proper functioning of the low-impact facility. 2.Optus regards the proposed installation as a Low-impact Facility under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 2018 based on the description above. The notification requirements for the proposed facilities are outlined in section 7 C564:2018 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code. 3. Further information can be obtained at www.rfnsa.com.au by searching the relevant RFNSA site number. The proposed infrastructure will be in compliance with the ACMA EME regulatory arrangements. 4.Written comments should be directed to Reinier Hanekom (CPS Global), 040510... , Suite 4, Level 17, 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000 or submissionsQLD@cpsglobal.com by 5by 5pm on 28 February 2020..

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