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Department of Natural Resources and

Environment Tasmania Land Titles Office


IN THE MATTER of Section 84C of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1884

- and -

IN THE MATTER of a restriction on land at 17 LYNDEN RD BONNET HILL TAS 7053 and comprised in folio of the Register Volume 53562 Folio 5

TO ALL persons having an estate or interest in any land which would be affected by the order or declaration referred to herein.

TAKE NOTICE that Application has been made by KEVIN JOHN WILLIAMS of and LYNETTE IRENE WILLIAMS of 17 LYNDEN RD BONNET HILL TAS 7053 in respect of the above land for an order that i) a condition that the Purchasers shall on the request and at the cost of the Vendor reconvey to the Vendor a strip of land of the width of Seventeen feet throughout for the purposes of road construction or widening which strip of land is marked ABCD on Diagram 53562; and ii) a condition relating to boundary fences.(Both conditions are created by and fully described in Conveyance No. 34/5303) be extinguished.

If you wish to become a party to the proceedings you should lodge a notice in the appropriate form at my Office at 134 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000 (GPO Box 541, Hobart, Tasmania 7001) within twenty- one (21) days after the publication of this advertisement, or such further time as I allow at your request.

You may inspect the Application and all other information lodged in the matter at the Land Titles Office, without charge, during normal business hours.

In any enquiry please quote Application No. E301632

Dated this 11th day of July 2022 .


Recorder of Titles

Inserted by

K Williams

17 Lynden Rd

Bonnet Hill TAS 7053

Hobart 7001