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M045-24 River Derwent - Royal Hobart Regatta

Mariners are advised aquatic events including rowing, sailing and swimming will be conducted in the waters south of the Tasman Bridge to Rosny Point and Macquarie Wharf on Saturday 10, Sunday, 11 and Monday, 12 February 2024.

•Saturday, 10 February - rowing will be held between 0700 - 1130 hours.

•Sunday, 11 February - Trans Derwent Swim – Montagu Bay to Regatta Grounds commencing at 0800 hours.

•Monday, 12 February – Come and Try Day – keep wash to a minimum

Mariners are advised that in accordance with Regulation 68 of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017 they should not navigate in a manner that will affect proceedings.

M046-24 River Derwent - Royal Hobart Regatta Fireworks - Prohibited Area

Fireworks displays will be conducted from a barge in position Latitude 42° 52.545'S Longitude 147° 20.351'E), from the Regatta Jetty (42° 52.577'S / 147° 20.337'E) and from a pontoon (42° 52.556'S / 147° 20.309'E) on Sunday, 11 February 2024 between 2130 and 2200 hours.

A prohibited area is declared for non-authorised boats within a 150-metre radius from the centre of the barge between 2100 and 2200 hours.

Regulation 71 of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017 provides for the declaration of a specified area, including one surrounding a vessel at anchor, to be a prohibited area for other vessels or persons. A police officer may intercept and remove to a place of safety any vessel or person in a prohibited area.

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