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M030-24 Sullivans Cove - Prohibited Area

Mariners are advised an Ironman swimming event will be conducted in Sullivans Cove on Sunday, 4 February 2024 between 0625 hours and 0800 hours.

A Prohibited Area has been declared around the swim area between 0600 – 0900 hours designated by an imaginary line drawn from the southeastern corner of Elizabeth Street Pier to a position marked at 42° 53.111'S/ 147° 20.377'E, then south to a position marked at 42° 53.176'S/ 147° 20.459'E, then south to a position marked at 42° 53.342'S/ 147° 20.435'E, then to the shore at the northern end of A J White Park. Any vessels not approved by the event organisers to assist with the event are prohibited from entering the area during this time.

Regulation 71 of the Marine and Safety (Pilotage and Navigation) Regulations 2017 provides for the declaration of a specified area, including one surrounding a vessel at anchor, to be a prohibited area for other vessels or persons. A police officer may intercept and remove to a place of safety any vessel or person in a prohibited area.

Marine and Safety Tasmania

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