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Maritime Safety Queensland


Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994, section 175A(3)

Date of notice: Thursday 16 May 2024

I, Marita FERGUSON, am appointed as a Shipping Inspector under part 13 of the Transport Operations (Marine Safety) Act 1994 (the Act).

Description of abandoned property:

1 x 7 metre full cabin fibreglass sailing sloop displaying the vessel name ‘Shell C’ weighing approximately 3 tonnes. Collector number ID: 160753

Where and when abandoned property was found:

The vessel was reported to be moored illegally to buoy mooring BS1267 on the 20 March 2024 and was later moved to anchor sometime before the 4 April 2024 in the Canaipa passage mooring field to the south-east of Russell Island. The vessel remains in a state of disrepair, unpowered and has been lit with a yellow flashing light supplied by Maritime Safety Queensland. The vessel poses as a risk to the safety of navigation of ships because if left in place, it may break its anchor and collide with vessels moored in the area. The vessel’s bilges are flooded with rainwater and if the vessel is left unattended it may deteriorate further, break apart, and debris may cause an obstruction to navigation for craft transiting the area and damage to the marine environment.

I reasonably believe that this vessel is abandoned property.

When abandoned property may be seized and removed:

If the property described above is not claimed by Monday 17 June 2024, it may be seized and removed from Queensland waters to a place on land determined by Maritime Safety Queensland.

Statement for the purposes of section 175A(5) of the Act:

If no one claims the property within the time stated above and I seize and remove it, I may, having regard to the value and condition of the property and without further notice–
(a) sell the property by public auction; or
(b) destroy it.

If you wish to assert ownership in the property described above, you must attend in person the Gold Coast office of Maritime Safety Queensland 40 – 44 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach in the State of Queensland before Monday 17 June 2024 with proof of ownership in some form.


Marita Ferguson
Shipping Inspector, T375
Maritime Safety Queensland

Gold Coast 4217