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Notice of intention to make a water extraction licence decision
(Pursuant to section 71B of the Water Act 1992)

The Controller of Water Resources hereby gives notice that a decision is to be made regarding an application to increase entitlement of water extraction licence SAUBR10306 under Section 60 of the Water Act 1992. The application, for the beneficial uses of cultural and industry, is described below.

The source of extraction is the South Alligator, Upper Blackmore River groundwater resource within the Darwin Rural Water Control District. In accordance with the NT Water Allocation Planning Framework, 1249 ML/year is allocated for consumptive uses including licensed use. The total quantity of water that may be taken from this water resource under existing groundwater extraction licences is 470.1 ML/year. Annual reported extraction during 2022-2023 water year was 47.2 ML.

A copy of the application and supporting information is available from the Water Licensing Portal at

Comments regarding this application should be made in writing by COB 27 May 2024 to the Controller of Water Resources, by emailing Any comments submitted will be provided to the applicant in their entirety and published with the notice of a water extraction decision on the Water Licensing Portal. If you would like any part of your comments not to be published, specify this in your submission.

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