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The Gawler Ranges Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC ICN 7652 (GRAC) seeks the consent of the native title holders under section 8(1) of the Native Title (Prescribed Bodies Corporate) Regulations 1999 (Cth) to enter into a Native Title Mining Agreement (NTMA) with Alliance (Eyre) Pty Ltd (the Company).

What is the proposed NTMA for?

Alliance (Eyre) Pty Ltd is the proponent for the development of the Alliance Wilcherry Project. The Company seeks to establish the Weednanna open pit and underground gold and iron ore mine within the land labelled “Authority Land” in the Map in this notice.

The Company also holds exploration licences over the land labelled “Expansion Area” in the Map in this notice. Although no mining is currently planned in the Expansion Area, the Company may, in the future, seek to undertake further mining projects in this area.

Together, the Authority Land and the Expansion Area are referred to as the “Agreement Area”. The Agreement Area lies wholly within the Gawler Range Native Title Determination Area and covers land on which native title exists. Alliance (Eyre) Pty Ltd therefore requires an NTMA in order to proceed with its current proposed mining project and any future mining projects in the Agreement Area.

The proposed NTMA which has been negotiated between GRAC and the Company seeks to authorise and permit mining operations for the recovery and sale of all minerals recovered by the Company from the Agreement Area, except for any radioactive minerals. The Company has agreed to provide commercial terms to GRAC and has agreed to take measures (including heritage surveys) to identify and protect any Aboriginal heritage in the vicinity of any mining project and related infrastructure.

Purpose of meeting & who should attend the meeting?

The native title holders for the Agreement Area are those persons who meet the definition set out in paragraph [3] of the Gawler Range Native Title Determination McNamara on behalf of the Gawler Ranges People v State of South Australia [2011] FCA 1471 (Gawler Ranges People).

The purpose of the meeting is for the Gawler Ranges People to consider and, if thought appropriate, authorise the directors of GRAC to enter into the NTMA, and sign all necessary documents to give effect to the NTMA. GRAC is required to consult with the Gawler Ranges People under the Native Title (Prescribed Bodies Corporate) Regulations 1999 (Cth) before entering into this NTMA.

All Gawler Ranges People are entitled to attend this meeting. This includes any member of GRAC (who by definition will also be a Gawler Ranges native title holder). If you have any doubts about whether you should be included in this consultation you may contact GRAC using the contact details set out at the end of this notice.

Details of Meeting:

This meeting of the Gawler Ranges People will occur as follows:

Date: 15 July 2022

Time: 1:00pm (Registration from 12.30pm)

Venue: Westland Hotel Motel, Palms Function Centre

100 McDouall Stuart Avenue Whyalla SA

(Palms Function Centre is on the other side of Ian Street)

Tea and coffee and light refreshments will be served. Limited assistance including accommodation may be available, but only by prior arrangement with GRAC.

GRAC understands that this meeting is occurring while COVID-19 restrictions are still in place throughout parts of Australia, and even without those restrictions, safety precautions are necessary for all Gawler Ranges People.

Appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures will be implemented at the meeting. However, if you cannot attend this meeting, or are still uncomfortable in doing so, please contact GRAC on the details below and we will seek to ensure that your views are equally included in any decision-making process.

Please email or call to register your interest in attending the meeting, or to obtain a copy of any relevant document:

Email: GRACcontact@gmail.comPhone: 0459 110...


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