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Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 - Section 15(5).

Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2019 - Regulation 22(1) and Schedule 1.

1. Name and address of applicant(s):

Devham Minerals Pty Ltd,

9 King Street


Tasmania 7320

2. Contact details of applicant for map and other information requests:

Michael Dunham

Telephone (+61) 419 316280

3. Applicant's website: and

4. Details of the application:

Application Number: EL008468

Locality: approximately 5km south-east of Beechworth and immediately west of Stanley

Area of application: 9 graticular sections

Date of the application: 14/02/2024

Term of Licence is applied for: 5 years

Outline of the proposed program of work:

The initial scope of the Program of Work will include literature searches and data reviews, field inspections of existing known mineralisation, surface mapping and Low Impact Exploration. In accordance with Sec. 39A of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990, all Work Plans will have allowances for a community Engagement Plan component and include the opportunity for residents within the area of the Exploration Licence to meet with and discuss any concerns with both the applicant as well as government regulators prior to the submission of the Work Plan. Any proposed exploration works undertaken on freehold land will only occur with consent and agreement of the land-owner. Should further exploration requiring drilling or surface disturbance be proposed then an Approved Work plan will be sought before works commence.

5. Objections or Comments:

Any person may object to a licence being granted. (Sections 24 and 24A, Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990).

A person who objects must

  1. put the objection in writing; and
  2. include the grounds on which it is made.

All objections or comments must be lodged within 21 days after the latest date on which the application was advertised and can be lodged online or posted to:

The Minister for Energy and Resources

c/ - Manager Licensing

Earth Resources Regulator

PO Box 500

East Melbourne Victoria 8002.

It is recommended that comments or objections are lodged online at to ensure timely consideration.

Enquiries can be made by writing to the Manager Licensing at the above address or by phoning the Earth Resources Information Centre on 136 186.

6. Other Statutory Requirements

Subject to other statutory requirements being satisfied, an exploration licence, if granted, entitles the holder of the licence to explore and search for minerals in the relevant land, but does not entitle the holder to undertake mining.

Further information regarding the statutory requirements that must be complied with prior to work being undertaken on a licence, including landowner and occupier consent requirements, is available at

Burnie 7320

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