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Estate of Gloria Julia Page

Late of 7 Channel Highway Huonville

Heather Maree Blake, as personal representative of the estate of Gloria Julia Page, gives notice in accordance with section 25A of the Trustee Act 1898, that she intends to distribute the property subject to the estate among the persons entitled to the estate, she requires any person interested in the estate to send to her, c/- Tierney Law, PO Box 239, Huonville 7109, on or before 23 July 2022 particulars of any claim in respect of the estate. she may, at any time after that date, distribute the estate, having regard only to the claims of persons of which she has notice, and without being liable for the estate so distributed to any person of whose claim she had no notice at the time of the distribution.

Dated 22 June 2022

TIERNEY LAW Solicitors for the Executor

Hobart 7001