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1. Notice of acquisition The Commissioner of Highways (the Authority), of 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide SA 5000, acquires the following interests in the following land: Comprising an unencumbered estate in fee simple in that piece of land being the whole of the land identified as Allotment 310 and Allotment 311 in D129282. First Portion of Allotment 135 in Filed Plan 15857 comprised in Certificate of Title Volume 6123 Folio 538, and Secondly Portion of the land comprised in Certificate of Title Volume 6123 Folio 538 (being that portion of the free and unrestricted Right(s) of Way over the land marked ‘A’ in Filed Plan 57938 appurtenant to Allotment 134 in the said Filed Plan that is contained within, and forms portion, of the said land marked ‘Allotment 311’), to the intent that that portion of the Right(s) of way will merge and be extinguished in the fee simple in the land marked Allotment 311. This notice is given under section 16 of the Land Acquisition Act 1969. 2. Compensation A person who has or had an interest consisting of native title or an alienable interest in the land that is divested or diminished by the acquisition or the enjoyment of which is adversely affected by the acquisition who does not receive an offer of compensation from the Authority may apply to the Authority for compensation. 2A.Payment of professional costs relating to acquisition (section 26B) If you are the owner in fee simple of the land to which this notice relates, you may be entitled to a payment of up to $10 000 from the Authority for use towards the payment of professional costs in relation to the acquisition of the land. Professional costs include legal costs, valuation costs and any other costs prescribed by the Land Acquisition Regulations 2019. 3.Inquiries Inquiries should be directed to: William Ridgway GPO Box 1533 Adelaide SA 5001 Telephone: (08) 7109 ... Dated this 30 day of May 2022 The Common Seal of the COMMISSIONER OF HIGHWAYS was hereto affixed by authority of the Commissioner in the presence of: Rocco Caruso Manager, Property Acquisition (Authorised Officer) Department for Infrastructure and Transport DIT 2020/11313/01


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