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Delay due to severe weather in the Wide Bay & Burnett, and the Darling Downs & Granite Belt Districts and parts of the Southeast Coast District of Queensland.

iiNet Group reference ID: 7793332

As previously notified on 24/05/2022 exemption is available to iiNet Ltd, Westnet Pty Ltd, Internode Pty Ltd and Adam Internet Pty Ltd (iiNet Group) under Section 21 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011 on the grounds of extreme weather events affecting the iiNet Groups’ supplier of telephone line services.

Impact in the affected region has been greater than initially estimated as a consequence of continued extreme weather events. Details of the weather events, the number ranges and the updated period of time for which the exemption will exist were published in this newspaper by Telstra on 14/06/2022 and more information about the weather conditions can be found at: and

Estimated number of impacted services: 1488

iiNet Group customers can enquire about CSG payment eligibility or the basis for claiming this exemption by using the contact details below, and quoting fault reference #7793332.

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