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Aeronautical Charges for Domestic Services

Pursuant to section 6 of the Aerodrome Fees Act 2002, Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd provides notice of the aeronautical charges for aircraft at Hobart Airport. These charges apply as of 1 July 2024.


1: These charges apply to Australian domestic services only and are exclusive of GST. The holder of an aircraft's certificate of registration must also pay to the Hobart International Airport Pty Ltd an additional amount equivalent to GST.

2. This charge is reviewed quarterly.

3. Excluding infants not occupying a separate seat and positioning crew. MTOW means Maximum Take-off Weight of an aircraft as listed in the

4. CASA Aircraft Registration Data Base, with the fee applying per 100kg of that weight pro-rata and subject to the minimum fees set out above.

5. For an aircraft movement either Terminal Charges or Landing Charges are levied (as appropriate) but not both.

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