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Proposed Development


Proposed Development

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7 November to 19 December, 2023

Material Change of Use – Preliminary Approval for Caretakers Accommodation, Child Care Centre, Club, Community Care Centre, Community Residence, Community Use, Dual Occupancy, Dwelling House, Dwelling Unit, Educational Establishment, Emergency Services, Environment Facility, Food and Drink Outlet, Hardware and Trade Supplies, Health Care Services, Home Based Business, Indoor Sport and Recreation, Low Impact Industry, Market, Multiple Dwelling, Nature Based Tourism, Office, Outdoor Sport and Recreation, Park, Permanent Plantation, Place of Worship, Relocatable Home Park, Residential Care Facility, Retirement Facility, Rooming Accommodation, Sales Office, Service Industry, Shop, Shopping Centre, Short Term Accommodation, Showroom, Substation, Telecommunications Facility, Utility Installation, Veterinary Services

Where: Lot 2 Old North Road, Corymbia / Greenstone; Lot 99 Old North Road, Corymbia / Greenstone / Wagtail Grove; Lot 98 Old North Road, Corymbia / Greenstone / Wagtail Grove; and Lot 14 Old North Road, Corymbia / Greenstone, Qld 4513 (formerly Rocksberg)

On: Lot 2 on RP197793, Lot 99 on C311684, Lot 98 on C311684, Lot 14 on SP330812 (formerly Lot 14 on C31239)

Approval sought: Preliminary Approval for Material Change of Use that includes a Variation Request to vary the effect of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Planning Scheme 2016

Application ref: DA/39052/2019/V2L

You may obtain a copy of the application and make a submission to:

City of Moreton Bay

PO Box 159, Caboolture Qld 4510

(07) 3205 ...

Public notification requirements are in accordance

with the Planning Act 2016

Rocksberg 4510

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