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Proposed Development

Date listed: 24/3/2020

Proposed Development

Make a submission from 25 March to 16 April 2020

Material change of use (MCU) Cemetery (extension)

Reconfiguration of a Lot (RAL) for 2 boundary realignments



Manbarra Road, Palm Island (MCU)

Ryan Circuit, Palm Island (RAL)


Lot 430 on SP273615 (MCU)

Lots 455 & 456 on SP273615 (RAL)

Lots 475 & 476 on SP273615 (RAL)

Approval sought: Development permit

Application ref:

PR146294-2 (MCU)

PR146294-1 (RAL)


You may obtain a copy of the application and make a submission to:

Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council

C/O Post Office, Palm Island, QLD, 4816


(07) 4770 ...


Public notification requirements are in accordance with the Planning Act 2016

Townsville 4810