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Proposed change to approval

Make a submission from

31 May to 21 June 2024

Change (Other) to development permit for Multiple Dwelling and Shop Stage 1 – increase in building height from 8 to 9 storeys and minor floor plan amendments

Where: 33 & 31 Wyandra Street, Teneriffe Qld 4005

On: Lot 2 RP94607 and Lot 0 SP296044 (formerly Lot 10 RP847544)

Existing approval: Development Permits for Material Change of Use – Multiple Dwelling and Shop/s (Stage 1 – 26 units and shop, Stage 2 – 45 units and shop); and Building Work (Application reference: A006119841)

Application reference: A006513447

You may obtain a copy of the application and make a submission to:

Brisbane City Council

GPO Box 1434, Brisbane QLD 4001

(07) 3403 ...

Public notification requirements are in accordance with the Planning Act 2016

Teneriffe 4005

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