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To the Registered Proprietors: LEE-ANNE SIMONE CAREY, Eureka Hotel 42 Federal Street RAINBOW VIC 3424 AND DARREN JOHN CAREY 231 Scott Street WARRACKNABEAL 3393. The Council: Yarriambiack Shire Council ABN 24 640 824 591. Description of the Land: Lots 1 and 2 on Title Plan 205432Q. Title Particulars: Volume: 09026 Folio: 337. Property Address: 231 Scott Street, Warracknabeal VIC 3393 Rates owing: $22,272.21 plus, legal costs: $550.00 TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $22,822.21. TAKE NOTICE a) an amount due to a Council for, or in respect of, rates or charges (including enforcement costs and interest) in respect of the above rateable Land is more than 3 years overdue; b) there is no current arrangement that exists for the payment of the amount to the Council; and c) the Council has a Court order requiring the payment of the amount (or part of the amount). TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Council requires you, being a person who appears to have an estate or interest in the property (from the Register kept under the Transfer of Land Act 1958 or from any Memorial in the Office of the Registrar- General) to pay the sum of $22,822.21 to the Council by 25 April 2024. TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that if you fail to pay the amount due to the Council by the above date, the Council may sell the land, or cause the land to be transferred to itself, pursuant to section 181 of the Local Government Act 1989 (Victoria). Dated: 28 March 2024. LawyersAU Pty Ltd, Lawyers for the Council.

Warracknabeal 3393

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