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Deceased Estates

Notice to Creditors and Claimants

JOHN WILSON CHOPPING , rate of 5 Aberia Road, Treeby, in the state of Western Australia, Retired Army Officer, deceased.

creditors and other persons having claims (to which section 63 of the Trustees Act 1962 relates) in respect of the estate of the deceased, who died on the 2gth day of December 2o2a, are required by the Executor and Trustee, being Ms Barbara Ann Nicoils, of c/- Mort & Associates, po Box 20, cannington, wA, 6987' to send particulars of their claims to her at Mort & Associates of po Box 20, cannington, wA, 69g7, by the date being one month following the date of publication of this notice, after which date the Executor and Trustee may convey or distribute the assets, having regard onry to craims of which she then has notice.

Mort & Associates as sorlcitor for the Executor and Trustee

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