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Fuelmiser FSS380 Wheel Speed Sensor



A wheel speed sensor is a kind of tachometer as it measures the rotational speed of a shaft. In this case, the shaft in question is a cars axle. The majority of wheel speed sensors feature a toothed ring and sensor pickup configuration but other designs are sometimes employed. The toothed ring rotates with the wheel and its rotation interferes with the magnetic field around the sensor. The sensor then uses this interference to calculate the wheel speed and relay it back to the ECU. Electronic wheel speed sensors were initially developed to eliminate the mechanical linkage between the wheels and the speedometer but are also useful for systems like anti-lock brakes. Being located near the ground means that wheel speed sensors arent just at risk from damage in collisions. Stones and other debris from the road surface can strike a wheel speed sensor and cause it to malfunction. Symptoms of a faulty wheel speed sensor include harsh or improper shifting and the cars cruise control refusing to engage. Automotive Superstore stocks a wide range of quality Fuelmiser wheel speed sensors to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Use the parts finder above or let one of our knowledgeable product specialists help you find what you need today!

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