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Projecta Brass Battery Terminals BT11H-1



BRASS BATTERY TERMINALS Brass terminals are meticulously cast to deliver a quality finish and consistent fit. The Greatest Advantage of the solid brass range is the wide variety on offer: saddle, wingnut, stud, end entry, single bolt side entry and crimp terminals. PART NO PACK TYPE TERMINAL TYPE POST TYPE SUITS CABLE SIZE STUD SIZE BT11-1 Blister - 1 Saddle Universal 8 50mm2 (8 0 B&S) - BT11-2 Blister - 2 BT11-10 Box - 10 BT11H-1 Blister - 1 Heavy-Duty Saddle Universal 50 95mm2 (0 000 B&S) - BT11H-10 Box - 10

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