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Why Digital?

In our world, print and digital are complementary, building scale at speed and offering convenient access and frequency.

Delivering more value and return on investment for you.

Digital provides:

  • Increased audience reach on your customers’ preferred platform
  • Immediacy: Missed a print deadline? Get your ad up immediately online, then publish in print on the next available date
  • Leverage the SEO of our mastheads to attract more audience
  • Easy to reference, share and respond
  • Once live in its digital format, you can even edit your advertisement
Connecting with 300,000 Unique Visitors each month.
Each month, more than 16 million Australians consume news and information across News Corp's suite of digital and traditional print products – more than any other media group in Australia.^^

Online Listing

Did you know all print classified ads appear on as a standard listing to extend your reach online?
Why not upgrade to an Enhanced or Premium listing with additional features to boost response to your ads.
  • 300,000 Australians visit Buy Search Sell every month
  • 44% of all ad views are from Premium Listings with 1 or more images
  • Premium listings generate almost 85% of all leads (click to calls and form fills) generated on Buy Search Sell
  1. Featured Tile
    • Your ad positioned at the top of the listings page in a carousel
    • Provides additional exposure to your ad
  2. Premium Listing
    • Prioritised ahead of Enhanced and Standard listings
    • Larger, more eye grabbing image size
    • Unlimited text
  3. Enhanced Listing
    • Prioritised above standard
    • Image capability
    • Unlimited Text
    • Stand out white background
  4. Premium Plus
    • Our best performing listing option
    • 15% larger than Premium
    • Stand out blue background
    • Prioritised above all other listing types to get results fast
  5. Standard Listing
    • Basic digital listing now available in conjunction with your print advert to reach more customers!
Premium or Premium Plus Listings attract the most views & clicks, delivering the best ROI!

Digital Display

A premium branding opportunity for sponsorship of a particular section, category or location, giving you 100% ownership of the page and driving clicks straight to your website.
  • 100% Share of Voice (SOV) of display across desktop / mobile / tablet
  • 1 or 3 month sponsorship packages
  • Owning the category and reducing wastage: We will work with you to tailor campaigns per region, per category.

^Adobe Analytics, August, 2019, ^^Google Analytics

  1. Half Page
    • On Gold Package only as 300x600
    • On Silver Package the same position on the page is occupied by an MREC 300x250
  2. MREC
    • On Mobile as 300x250
    • On Desktop (Silver only)
  3. Mobile Banner
    • Adhesive ad unit 300x50, remains in view as the user scrolls
  4. Leaderboard
    • On Desktop 728x90