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Date listed: 15/2/2020

Roasted Calf Muesli
gives your calf the best start you can. Specially designed to meet the requirements of growing beef and dairy calves from 1 week of age.

Micronised Grains (Sorghum, Barley, Maize), Micronised Soybeans, Vegetable Protein Meal, vegetable oil, molasses, sodium bentonite, limestone, dicalcium phosphorus, salt, specialised cattle vitamin & mineral premix.

Protein % (min)  18
Energy MJ/kg (min) 12
Fibre % (max)  8
Calcium % (min)  1

The most palatable calf muesli on the market, producing great growth rates.  Designed for both beef and dairy calves from 1 week of age to 8 months.  Molasses makes feed more palatable and attractive to young calves.  Contains Lasolocid Sodium at 41.25mg/kg – this is added to improve liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle.  Also helps with control of coccidiosis and reduction of faecal shedding caused by Eimeria Sp. in growing cattle.

Micronised grains allow maximum digestibility and energy utilisation of the grains.
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