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Date listed: 11/2/2020


When the weekend of….
Saturday - 15th February 2020, and
Sunday - 16th February 2020

@ YORK ROAD, in KELLYVILLE, NSW, 2155. (street number will be released prior to the date, but you will be able to find us with the crowd and signage will guide you to the sale on the day).

Here’s just a little of what’s happening with the LEGO....

LEGO by the KILO, prepacked…
..by the prepacked Snap Lock Bag mixed sealed bags of all types of random mixed LEGO, 500g, 1kg and 2kg lots. This LEGO is great for creative play and building your MOC’s etc.

LEGO by the KILO, prepacked…
..by the prepacked Quality Plastic Container (they will be Sistema Large Plastic Containers, you keep the container, limited availability) of all types of mixed LEGO, 1kg. This LEGO is great for creative play and building your MOC’s etc.

SWIM SWIM SWIM with LEGO, there will be a swimming pool filled with LEGO for the kids or the big kids, yes you!... the adults...! to wade, swim, through and pick and choose the individual pieces you need (and some plenty of individual tubs as well), minimum buy when swimming with LEGO is a 1KG in a snap-lock bag. (yes, min buy 1kg), a weigh station (scale) will be available to pay on weight, a free snap-lock bag will be provided when taking a dip or sorting through a pool or the tubs).

LEGO By the TUB, there will be heaps and heaps of 10kg+ tubs of mixed LEGO, some of the mixed LEGO to sort through and pick your own random pieces, yes pick the pieces or pick the TUB it’s up to you..!

All LEGO… includes and not limited to… Technic, Star Wars, Classic, Ninjago, Super Hero’s, City, Friends, Hidden Side, Creator, Legends of Chima, Bionicle, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Mindstorm, Pirates, Minecraft, Trains, Games, Duplo plus more and more,  you can pick and sort through and pick your own pieces, from one to many, up to you…!

LEGO by the BOXED Kits (new in boxes)…
There will be complete (BNIB) and incomplete kits available starting from just $4.00.
There will be small kits to large-sized kits all complete, unopened, sealed and (BNIB) brand new inbox. There will be kits with missing pieces, “INCOMPLETE”, (mostly the Minifigures) that will be at a bargain price, and I mean a bargain price. There will be bargains galore with some kits being reduced up to 90+%.

LEGO Minifigures…
There are 100’s and 100’s of Minifigures available to purchase at prices starting from around just $1.00.
There will be Classic, Star Wars, Ninjago, Chima, Super Hero, just to name a few of the LEGO themes.
There will be a heap of Series 19, the new Series Super Hero DC at bargain prices starting at $2.50. There will be a heap of other series as well, just come along and take a look.
There will be building your own Minifigure dedicated area/table as well for the kids big or small.

LEGO Manuals and Books…
A heap of manuals and books will be available for purchase, it’s in a name a price zone, just for you, those who collect or want the manuals or booklets.

THE LEGO lover HYDRATION Station….
To keep you hydrated while you are browsing and shopping, we will be offering ICY cold drinks available to all attending, bottled water will be free; others and (soft drinks) will be a good price (or buy price).

For those that are interstate, can I suggest that you connect with your friends in Sydney (Kellyville is in the North West of Sydney), and have them come along and shop for you, call or message them now and have then come along and facetime you while they attend, so you don’t miss out?

More information will be posted in the coming days/weeks and as we get closer to the date. 

At 1:55 pm at the conclusion of the “SUPER SALE” on Sunday 16th February 2020, we will consolidate most of the unsold LEGO and undertake a REVERSE AUCTION for those present. The Reverse Auction will contain a bunch/bundle/heap/wad of LEGO, there will be plenty of bargains included, mixed LEGO, Minifigures and lots more. The “Terms and Conditions” of the reverse Auction these will be available on the day prior to the auction.

CASH is (preferred) on the day and pay via PayPal onsite will be available.

Saturday - 15th February 2020, 9:00am to 4:00pm and
Sunday - 16th February 2020, 9:00am to 2:00pm

Thanks for reading.

Hope to see you there.

Kind regards



62 York Road, Kellyville 2155