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UNIMAC 135cm Drywall Sander Bag Gyprock Sanding Plaster Board Sander



Protect your most prized construction tool!

Protect your sander with this high-quality bag, that is made from a combination of plastic fibres for optimal durability. The second advantage is that the Unimac drywall sander bag is easy to clean - all it takes is a simple cleaning cloth to wipe it down. With carry handles, no more balancing all the contents in your arms, have everything organised in the one easy place.  

The Unimac drywall sander bag is made from durable PVC fibers

Don’t just produce professional results with Unimac equipment; project an image that is just as professional. Buy today and elevate the commercial image of your operation with an Unimac branded drywall sander bag.

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