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PROTEGE Fire Fighting Hose - 36m 1.5" Lay Flat Canvas Camlock Adjustable Nozzle



The Protege 36m Canvas Fire Fighting Water Hose is a piece of fire safety equipment you can depend on.  It’s designed exceptionally strong with 1.5” diameter woven lay flat canvas providing 290 PSI rated pressure.  This fire hose offers you peace of mind as an added measure of fire protection for your workplace, home or property.  Couple with a water pump or mains pressure and you have a heavy-duty fire fighting tool that allows you to extinguish the threat 36 metres from the point of attachment.  It features camlock couplings for quick and secure connection, adjustable jet/fog fire nozzle to control output pressure, high-quality alloy fittings for long-term protection from harsh environments, and a brass outlet nozzle connection.  This simple and affordable fire security solution is a common sense investment to help protect the valuable people and assets in your life.  Put your mind at ease and get the Protege 36m canvas fire fighting water hose today!

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