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Protege 400W Macerator Pump- Homac 400



The best spot for a bathroom is sometimes the worst spot for plumbing. But thanks to the Protege Homac 400 macerator pump, that doesn't matter. You don't have to invest in expensive pipework to install a bathroom where there are no standard drains, making itideal for adding a bathroom to basements, garage conversions, granny flats, loft conversions, en-suite bathrooms, heritage sites and rooms with concrete slab floors. The pump can either be installed behind the wall or exposed.


The fully automatic Protege Homac 400 employs a smooth-running 400W motor and specially moulded non-clog stainless-steel impeller blades to make short work of all waste, pumping it up to eight metres vertically and 80 metres horizontally.


Connecting your Protege is breeze, and featuring three inlet ports, you can run drains from both hand basins, shower and toilet through it. And, best of all, once in place, you can forget about it.Not only is it quiet; it's automatically activated, too.


So, relieve yourself of any troubling plumbing and order the Protege macerator pump today!

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