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PROTEGE 2250W Submersible Dirty Water Pump Sewage Bore Septic Tank Well Sewerage



The NEW Protege PSWP-085 2250W Submersible Sewage Pump is now available and is already becoming one of the most demanded sewage pumps on the market. A must have for any dwelling using septic tanks, sewage pits or wastewater catchments, this class-leading and powerful unit is the ideal pumping solution.

This edition to the Protege range is predominantly used for transporting sewage, stormwater and wastewater away to a place of treatment or disposal. Raw sewage contains an abundance of harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and a whole host of other biological agents that are extremely toxic to humans.  This waste requires special equipment to handle properly, and the PSWP-085 is more than capable of performing such tasks. Manufactured with heavy-duty cast iron, stainless steel and high-quality fittings, it’s built to tackle the most arduous sewage situations.       

It’s fully submersible up to a huge depth of 32 metres and waterproof sealed.  It features a cast iron impeller along with high-performance Japanese bearings and a 2 inch inlet and outlet.  The PSWP-085 brings leaps and bounds in power from alternative designs, employing a 2250W motor. As a result, it boasts a 28,800 L/h pump rate capable of transporting to an incredible 14m delivery height.  It also features fully automatic operation via the built in float switch turning the pump on and off when necessary.  

Function of the float switch:

The float switch protects your pump from dry running and overheat by cutting-off the pump when water reaches the minimum level at which the pump can operate.  Clean water pumps can operate at a lower level than dirty water and sewage pumps as they do not have to account for particles being able to pass through the bottom of the pump. Pumps without a float or auto-cut-out switch cannot run automatically and have to be manually controlled. 

Protege are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality and the PSWP-085 is no exception, bringing best-of-breed function and reliability.  So manage your septic, sewage, stormwater and wastewater tanks in the safest, most environmentally friendly way.  Save time and money by picking up the latest Protege PSWP-085 2250W Submersible Sewage Pump today!

Protege - the leader in pump innovation.                        

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