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Untouchables - Season 2, The


Date listed: 6/5/2019

Beginning the true story of FBI man Eliot Ness's savage war on the notorious mobsters Al Capone left behind!The classic crime series The Untouchables returns for Season 2, featuring all 32 episodes, digitally remastered, on DVD. A realistic look at the violence that shook Americas past, this gritty series pays tribute to stoic gangbuster Eliot Ness (Robert Stack) and his incorruptible treasury agents (Paul Picerni, Nicholas Georgiade, Abel Fernandez, Steve London) the Chicago newspapers dubbed The Untouchables. Narrator Walter Winchell sets a realistic tone with his commentary, as each episode features stark sets, dark exteriors, and top-notch guest stars! For a show that really packs a punch, nothing can touch The Untouchables!

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