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Stingers - Season 1-4 | Complete Series





Stingers - Seasons 1-4 DVD



 Undercover. It turns the concept of Police Drama inside out.Inspired by true events, Stingers reveals the shadowy and ambiguous world of undercover cops; people with covert lives and constantly changing identities. They are police who defeat crime from within the criminal world; always without a badge and frequently without protection. The series follows the lives of the operatives as they befriend and betray those on the other side of the law. For these select few, it is a deadly way of life. The undercover cops of Stingers are a unique breed. They must juggle their own lives, love, laughter, family and humanity; with the tension of the criminal personas they adopt in their passion for justice. This unique breed of highly skilled elite police contend with a multitude of risks to themselves and their colleagues. This 24-disc set includes every episode from Series 1 - 4.

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