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Personalised Sticker Bomb Water Bottle by Bright Star Kids



Sticker Bomb Water Bottle | Water Resistant Stickers For Water Bottles Kids love this sticker bomb water bottle because it's fun. Choose their favourite designs & stick them on however they like. Do your kids love putting stickers all over their stuff? Who doesn't huh?!! Let them go crazy sticker bombing their drink bottle this year with our new Sticker Bomb Water Bottle Kit. Kids love these cool water bottles with stickers because they can make them their own. Made from 100% Stainless Steel, our Sticker Bomb Water Bottle is built tough & it comes with our waterproof sticker bomb pack. Our waterproof vinyl stickers last all year in the classroom & on the playground. Give your kids the opportunity to express their vibe with this Sticker Bomb Water Bottle & Stickers combo. These are the drink bottles kids love.

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