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What is Revuefinda?

A mobile app where ‘real’ users can create, share and view online reviews for free using the power of short form mobile video.

What Does Revuefinda Do?

1. Provide a Third-party free review ecosystem where real people create real reviews and get enhanced social status through creating more helpful honest reviews.

2. Dominate the business of online reviews through the power of user generated short form mobile video content

How Does Revuefinda Do it?

1. Remove the Deception: Video reviews become trusted as a medium and leaves less ability for extreme skewing of opinions. Currently most reviews of online product/service information is disseminated (either openly or using aliases) by the companies that made them.

2. Anonymity is Eliminated and Credentials Confirmed: Personal videos from real users are a more intimate form of communication than text and add to the integrity oversight.

3. Third Party Business Model is Fixed: A format powerful enough to break the hypnotic charm of advertisers on review sites through self-regulating social proof community beholden to no business model.

4. Ultimately using AI for moderation, prediction, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, quality scoring, consumer and brand signals.

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