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Engine Treatment - Xcelplus

Date listed: 30/11/2019



Get Super Slippery
Lubrication with a Single Application.


A recent wear analysis on
a 2015 Toyota Yaris showed a large reduction in wear:

-82% Iron

-57% Aluminium

-91% Copper

If wear is down it means friction is down as well as temperature, noise,
emissions and fuel use.

There are tests from NASA, the military, FAA, DOE, Universities and independent
organisations on the website:





Do you realise that Xcelplus reduces your carbon footprint by ~4.3 tonnes of CO2 over the life of your vehicle?

CO2 wasn't the only improvement in

In testing:

CO was reduced by 38-76%

Hydrocarbons were reduced by

Mileage was increased by up to 36%

The Xcelplus Cost Benefit Ratio
was in the order of 90:1

You will find more tests here:



Visit Website:m http://xcelplus.com.au/

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