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Kirkland Lake Gold

Date listed: 30/11/2019

Union Reefs North Underground Mine

Draft Environmental Impact Statement

NT Mining Operations Pty Ltd (NTMO) propose to develop the Union Reefs Underground Mine, at an existing mine site, located 220km south of Darwin and 20km northeast of the Pine Creek Township. The underground mine is proposed to use existing facilities, services, infrastructure and mill.  

The proposed action will be assessed at the level of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by the Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority (NT EPA) under the Environmental Assessment Act 1982, and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, in accordance with the assessment Bilateral Agreement. The relevant Matters of National Environmental Significance are listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 & 18A). NTMO has made the Draft EIS available for public comment.

Public review period – The Draft EIS can be viewed electronically at the Kirkland Lake Gold website, www.klgold.com and at the NT EPA website, www.ntepa.nt.gov.au. Printed copies will become available for public comment on 30 November 2019 to 17 January 2020 at the following locations:


  • NT EPA, Arnhemica House, Level 1, 16 Parap Road, Parap, NT.
  • Department of Primary Industry and Resources, 3rd Floor, Paspalis Centrepoint, 48 Smith Street Mall, Darwin.
  • Northern Territory Library, Parliament House, Darwin.
  • Environment Centre Northern Territory, Unit 3, 98 Woods St, Darwin.
  • Northern Land Council, 45 Mitchell St, Darwin.
  • Victoria Daly Regional Council – Pine Creek Office, 55 Moule St, Pine Creek.
  • Coomalie Community Government Council, 22 Cameron Road, Batchelor, NT.

Public comment is invited – Interested persons and organisations wishing to comment on the Draft EIS are invited to make a submission before 17 January 2020. All submissions will be treated as public documents unless confidentiality is requested.

Comments can be sent to:

Environmental Assessments

Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority

Mail:      GPO Box 3675, Darwin, NT, 0801.

Email:    eia.ntepa@nt.gov.au                 www.ntepa.nt.gov.au/envirocomment

Darwin 0800