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Date listed: 3/12/2019

 1. That pursuant to section 163 of the Local Government Act 1989, Council declares a Special Charge (Promotional Fund) for the Mount Eliza Activity Centre to defray marketing, promotion, township management, business development and other incidental expenses associated with the encouragement of commerce.

2. That the Special Charge remains for a period of seven (7) years from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2026 after which time the Special Charge Scheme (Promotional Fund) will be reassessed.

3. That the Special Charge boundary and properties affected by the charge are:
• 32-114 (inclusive) and 45-89 (inclusive) Mount Eliza Way;
• 71-75 Canadian Bay Road;
• 12-50 (inclusive) and 17-35 (inclusive) Ranelagh Drive;
• 3-11 (inclusive) Clarkestown Avenue; and
• 1-7 (inclusive) Davies Avenue.

4. That the charges to properties for year one are to be as follows:
• $380 for a ground floor property with a frontage to Mount Eliza Way, Canadian Bay Road, and Ranelagh Drive, or in excess of 250 square metres in floor area;
• $160 for all properties with an address in Davies Avenue and for all upper level premises with no direct access from one of the main streets, Mount Eliza Way, Canadian Bay or Ranelagh Drive and with no window frontage to these streets or to main car parks; and
• $250 for all other eligible properties.

5. That the charges given above will incur an annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase from year two.

6. That property owners/and or tenants may apply for an exemption if:
• A single business using the same Australian Business Number and trading name is located in two or more contiguous rateable properties, then the business would only incur one charge; or
• A tenant is a charitable or not-for-profit organisation and provides a certificate of its charitable status, then the property would not incur a charge;
• A property is used solely for residential purposes.

7. That the Mornington Peninsula Shire will absorb all administrative costs associated with the implementation of the Mount Eliza Special Charge Scheme.

8. That in declaring the Special Charge Scheme, Council is performing functions and exercising powers relating to the stimulation and facilitation of business development and local employment opportunities; in particular the encouragement of economic activity within the Mount Eliza Activity Centre.

9. That the total maximum annual cost of the Special Charge Scheme is $108,000 made up of the levy ($90,000) and Council’s administrative costs ($18,000). The maximum total amount that may be levied from liable properties over the seven-year period for which the Special Charge Scheme remains in force will therefore be $630,000. 100 per cent of the amount levied on liable properties will be paid over to the Mount Eliza Chamber of Commerce for promotion and management of the Mount Eliza Activity Centre over the period of the Special Charge Scheme.

10. That the activities that may be facilitated as a result of the implementation of the Special Charge Scheme are considered by Council to be of special benefit to the properties and/or businesses located within the Special Charge Scheme boundary.

11. That the Special Charge will be levied by way of a Notice of Levy being sent annually to the property owner liable to pay the Special Charge. The Special Charge to be payable by four equal instalments or by one instalment payable each year in accordance rate notices.

12. That no incentives will be given for payment of the Special Charge before the due date, and non-payment of the Charge may accrue interest in accordance with Section 172 of the Local Government Act and standard Shire practice on non-payment of rates will apply.

13. That a right of appeal against Council’s decision to impose a Special Charge Scheme is provided under sections 185 and 185AA of the Local Government Act 1989. Applications for appeal can be made to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) within 30 days of this notice.

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