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EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Marina and Economic Cultural Hub (the Dunalley Marina)

Date listed: 9/11/2019

The Sorell Council, with the support of KPMG, is conducting an Expression of Interest (EOI) process to attract suitably skilled and experienced developers (Participants) to develop and operate or develop and sub-lease, the Dunalley Marina and Economic Cultural Hub (the Dunalley Marina).

The Concept Design includes a 150 berth marina, a 60 bed boat house, five star accommodation, and other complementary retail, cultural and tourism elements targeted at attracting commercial investment. In all, the development area is 2.83 hectares on land / sea bed that will be leased by the Participant from the Crown.

A two stage process is being conducted to find and appoint a suitably qualified Participant to undertake this important development.

The Expression of Interest (Stage 1) is a broad invitation to the ‘market’ to gauge the level of interest in the development and the skills and development concept together with the financial capacity of Participants. An Assessment Panel will evaluate the EOIs against the criteria set out in the Information Memorandum (IM). This process is expected to result in a short-list of no more than three Participants, who would be invited to advance to Stage 2.

Participants interested in undertaking this significant regional infrastructure development project are invited to obtain an IM and sign a Confidentiality Agreement at that time.

The Contact email for obtaining the IM and lodging a response to the EOI is Any questions arising from the EOI should be documented and addressed to the Contact.

Submissions should be prepared in accordance with the EOI Guidelines contained in the IM and lodged by 5.00pm Friday 13th December 2019.

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