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Date listed: 8/11/2019

Brisbane Grammar School

Gregory Terrace, College Road, Boundary Street, Kalinga Avenue, Kelvin Grove Road and Inner City Bypass, Spring Hill


Brisbane Grammar School is proposing a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) building on their Spring Hill campus to deliver improved facilities and support contemporary teaching practices for students.

The STEAM building will provide students with high quality practical, theoretical and social learning spaces.

The planning of the STEAM building centres around a communal incubator space with a four (4) storey atria which enables:

•student directed learning
•quiet study
•group learning opportunities
•student gathering from two students to full year groups
•presentations and exhibitions

It will involve the demolition of five (5) existing buildings to accommodate the proposed six (6) storey STEAM building. L Block will also be refurbished.

This proposal has been made as a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation under the Planning Act 2016.

The proposal can be viewed at

You can make a submission, on or before 11 December 2019, to the Infrastructure Designation team via:

•online: https://planning.dsdmip.qld.;

•email: infrastructuredesignation@dsdmip.qld.; or

•post: PO Box 15009, City East, QLD, 4002.


Contact the Infrastructure Designation team on 1300 967... or at the above email address.

The Infrastructure Designation request (MID-1019-0380) has been made by Brisbane Grammar School to the Planning Minister under Chapter 2, Part 5 of the Planning Act 2016.

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