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Date listed: 10/10/2019

HAVE YOUR SAY 489 PEACHESTER ROAD, PEACHESTER, QLD, 4519 PROPOSED NEW PEACHESTER RURAL FIRE STATION The Public Safety Business Agency is proposing to construct the new Peachester Rural Fire Station at the above address. The project includes: • 4 x bay engine room with associated facilities including training room and office • New lease area on existing lot parcel containing State heritage-listed place, Peachester Public Dip • One (1) new crossover onto Peachester Road • Facility not occupied except for training activities and emergency callouts. It will involve construction of a new 320m2 Gross Floor Area rural fire station, to provide increased emergency response capabilities. This proposal has been made as a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation under the Planning Act 2016. The proposal can be viewed at You can make a submission, on or before 11 November 2019, to the Infrastructure Designation team via: • online:; • email: infrastructuredesignation@dsdmip.; or • post: PO Box 15009, City East, QLD, 4002. Questions? Contact the Infrastructure Designation team on 1300 967... or at the above email address. The Infrastructure Designation request (MID-0819-0357) has been by the Public Safety Business Agency made to the Planning Minister under Chapter 2, Part 5 of the Planning Act 2016.

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