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My Favourite Martian - Season 3 - Collector's Edition


Date listed: 6/5/2019

Bill Bixby stars as Tim O'Hara, an L.A. Sun reporter who stumbles upon a martian (Ray Walston) in a crashed spaceship and takes him on as a boarder under the guise of "Uncle Martin". Martin promises not to reveal himself to anyone other than Tim, but occasionally displays alien abilities such as telepathy, moving objects by pointing at them, and a knack for invisibility. Bixby - star of The Incredible Hulk - and seasoned actor Walston both provide incredible comedic timing as bizarre plot twists keep the laughs coming.First airing in 1963, My Favourite Martian was one of the first sitcoms with a 'fantasy' premise, joining ranks with Mister Ed and followed later by Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie.

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