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A Thousand Skies | Classic Australian Stories


Date listed: 6/5/2019

The adventures of Australian Aviator Charles Kingsford SmithOne of Australia's great period dramas produced during the golden age of the television mini-series, A Thousand Skies charts the life of the legendary aviator Charles Kingsford Smith, from his war years to his spell in Hollywood as a stunt flyer, his first pilot job at Australian Airlines in 1924, to the realisation of his dream to fly the Pacific. Regarded by many as the world's greatest aviator, the iconic Kingsford-Smith's record breaking flights and almost superhuman flying skills are exquisitely captured in this superb four-part Australian mini series first aired in 1985. Forced down in the North Australian wilderness when attempting a record flight to England, the implacable, fast-living, philandering Smithy risked death a thousand times in a thousand skies to achieve the impossible and fly his beloved Southern Cross to the other side of the world.

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