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Indiatourism Seeking Professional Agency

Date listed: 15/9/2019

Government of India

Indiatourism, Singapore


No. ITS/TMA/2019                                                                 Date:   15.09.2019

Hiring of services of a professional agency as Tourism Management Agency for assisting Indiatourism, Singapore for promotion and marketing of Indian Tourism products/destinations in the Australasia region

Indiatourism, Singapore requires services of a Professional Agency for assisting to undertake aggressive promotion and marketing of India's rich tourism products and destinations in the Australasia region.

Interested agencies submitting the bids must have prior experience of handling of 3 projects in the field of tourism promotion during April 2016-March 2019, with duration of more than 6 months for each project and having minimum turnover of AUD 436970.00 in the last financial year 2018-19.

Detailed tender document with guidelines for submission of bids has been posted on the official website of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India ( and CGI, Sydney ( the same may be downloaded by the interested agencies for submission of their bids.

Last date for submission of bids is 1700 hrs on 07.10.2019. In the event of any corrigendum, the same will be uploaded on the above websites.



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Indiatourism, Singapore

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