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Date listed: 4/9/2019

Take home your newest family memeber! 

We have six beautiful purebred Rough Collie / Lassie girls. All the pups have a warm nature and have been raised in a loving environment. Pictures of the puppies as well as.mum and dad are available.

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Phone - 0478 722...

Rough Collies are very intelligent and affectionate, they will also be an excellent guard dog.

These gorgeous puppies are all female, they are sable with white and they are purebred.

The puppies will be able to enjoy their new homes only after the 11.09.2019. We require a $300 deposit to be paid for a certain puppy to be held for you. Should you later decide not to buy this puppy, the $300 is not refundable.

You will receive a starter pack including a booklet containing your puppy's vet history, instructions for care and training as well as some of the food you will need to continue thier current diet. In order to provide comofort and familiarity in their new home we will provide a personal toy, blanket and bed that your puppy will be have used over time. This will help your puppy feel well adjusted to the new home. We will also provide a grooming brush.

These Puppies will not be pedigree papered. The purpose of pedigree is to achieve a certain look for showing. The external appearance focus has led to serious health issues. I will link an RSPCA article on pedigreed dogs, upon reading this article you will know why we don't support the pedigree selective breeding process.

- Microchip Numbers: 

991003000275871, 991003000276112, 991003000275872, 991003000275873, 991003000276111, 991003000244535

Kempsey NSW Australia