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Well behaved STUNNING Star Stallion for sale!


Date listed: 8/8/2019

This beautiful Star Stallion is something special with his long neck, pretty face and long mane he has a fairytale expression. Trend is a happy stallion who will be a good sport horse. He has nice movements and especially his way of using his front leg is really beautiful. Trend is training L1 dressage and shows a lot of quality, he moves with a lot of elasticity and a strong hind leg

Trend is a forward going horse who is honest and eager to learn. He is very nice to ride and loves to work. In the stable Trend is a friendly stallion with everyone. He loves to get attention and he likes to watch out of his window to see if people are coming who will touch him

Are you looking for a good sport horse who will also be a friend for you? A horse with the most pretty face, strong movements and a nice conformation? Trend can be yours!. We LOVE his rocking horse easy canter, and his high stepping balanced trot. He is so WILLING TO PLEASE and never makes a wrong step.

Sydney 2000

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