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Seaford, Victoria 3198

Date listed: 24/7/2019

Seaford FREEHOLD Property for Sale - Built 2011 Ground floor retail shop

*This ground floor retail shop has an excellent tenant.

*Lease extends for a further 19 years on CPI.

*There is no competing alternative venue available for the tenant to relocate.

*The building has no maintenance cost as there is no external roof, fences or walls to require repair. Tenant is responsible for all outgoings.

*Rent is clear to the landlord.

*The suburb is rapidly continuing to increase in desirability and value.

*Dual occupancy subdivision is increasing affluence, adult customer base and land value.

*This is a very unique and rare opportunity as the vendor is the developer who foresaw the value which would occur for this venture.

*Many years were spent considering this and all the anticipated community development and improvement is proceeding.

*In summary a secure asset backed by a reliable income from a quality tenant.


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Victoria 3198
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