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Date listed: 8/6/2019


Pursuant to s57(3) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993, the following Planning Permit applications are on public notice:

SITE                                                                                         PROPOSAL
45 Diamond Drive, Blackmans Bay                                         Change of use from garage to guestroom,
DA-2019-243                                                                           and extension to dwelling (sunroom)

22 Apolline Drive, Kingston DA-2019-245                                Dwelling

The applications and plans may be viewed during normal office hours at the Kingborough Council offices, Kingston, or at

Any submissions must be lodged in writing with the General Manager, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston 7050 or by email to, and must be received by 24 June 2019.


As part of Council’s maintenance of roadside vegetation, Council undertakes a spraying program within both urban and rural areas of Kingborough, using Government approved chemicals. As part of the program, Council invites residents to apply for their property frontage to be added to the No Spray Register for the 2019-2020 period.

Visit Council’s website to view the No Spray Register Policy and how to submit a request to be added to the register at Both the policy and request form are also available from the Civic Centre in Kingston or Bruny Island Service Centre.

Please note that all current permits for 2018-2020 are still applicable. Residents with these permits will not need to re-apply.

Where Council approves a frontage for inclusion within the No Spray Register, it will be the applicant’s responsibility to manage the roadside vegetation within the No Spray Zone, in accordance with the permit issued by Council.

Applications must be lodged with Council by Monday, 1 July 2019.
Gary Arnold General Manager

Hobart 7000