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Development Proposal

Date listed: 14/5/2019

Bayside Council

Development Proposal Development Application has been received:ty 


15-19 & 21 Bay Street, Rockdale (Lot 1 DP 79509, Lot 1 DP


522410, Lot 2 DP 522410, Lot 19 DP 59816, PT 1 DP 84102)




Combined Projects Rockdale Pty Ltd


Alterations, additions and use of the ground floor of Building C as a child care centre

for 82 children operating 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, including modification of DA-2016/241 to

delete the through site link

Notification From Wednesday 15 to Wednesday 29 May 2019 You can view this application online at

Select Development and Construction; Select Building or Altering a Property;

and Select DA Tracker and follow the prompts.

Any person may make a submission in writing in relation to this application

and it must be received by Council on or before the end of the exhibition

period. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds for

objection must be specified. Written acknowledgment of submissions will

not be made however, if you make a submission you will be formally advised

of the decision.

This notice does not imply Council will grant consent to this development proposal.















Rockdale 2216