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D&C Retaining Wall Replacement at Bexley and Botany

Date listed: 16/4/2019

Request for Tender (RFT) No: F19/217
Description: Bayside Council invites suitably qualified civil contractors to submit a tender for the design, then removal and rebuilding of the retaining walls above Ermington Street, Botany, and Kingsland Road, Bexley. Works include both design and construction, and building new fencing above the walls.

Pre-Tender Meetings: Tenderers are invited to attend Site Inspections with a Council representative. Site inspections will be:

  • 10:00am @ 17-23 Kingsland Road, Bexley
  • 11:00am @ 7-17 Ermington Street, Botany
  • Thursday 18 April and Friday 3 May

Obtaining documentation: RFT documents may be obtained by registering online via the E-Tendering Portal at

If you experience difficulties accessing the website please call the Tenderlink helpdesk on 1800 233... . There is no fee to download the documents.

Requests for information regarding the RFT:

All enquiries can be sent via the Tenderlink website.

Deadline: RFT closes at 3:00pm on Tuesday 21 May.

Botany 2019