$50.00 for both sessions

Date Listed: 12/3/2019

OMG! I’m stressed.
Can you identify the signs of stress?
Can you recognise the clues before it’s too late?

Mindfulness Workshop
Practical approach to maintaining a mindfulness practice

Two fun interactive sessions providing skills to:

  • increase attention & compassion
  • increase self-regulation
  • recognize worry, fear, stress
  • quieting and calming the mind
  • relate wisely to your thoughts
  • act rather than react

Fitness Training for the Brain the science, principles and practice of mindfulness its implication in wellbeing, mental health, and resilience.
Enhance information processing, decision making and performance


Mindfulness 4U provides training to workplaces, schools and small groups. No sitting funny, no humming weird songs, just exercises that are easily integrated into your daily routine.



When: March 20 & 27th 9:30-11:00 am
Where: Noosa Leisure Centre
Cost: $50 for both sessions
Enquiries and booking:

Ana Perezana.

Mindfulness is a science based program providing participants the skills and knowledge to recognise the signs of stress. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing clarity of mind, focus, compassion and overall well-being.

With the advent of fMRIs neuroscientist have been able to better understand what actually happens to the brain when we meditate.


    • It strengthens connections between brain cells.
    • It increases brain surface (folds) allowing the brain to process information faster
    • Increases grey matter. Human intelligence is based on the size of grey matter


Mindfulness is not a panacea, but by cultivating a mindfulness practice you are strengthening your brain’s capacity to become and stay mentally and physically fit. The brain is the body’s boss and a mindfulness practice lets you maintain a healthy relationship with your boss.

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