Date Listed: 16/2/2019

Custombuilt "Resorts" for cats!

Let us help you create your own amazing secure environment for your cat!

Using an almost invisible secure cat netting & stainless steel cabling we can give your special pet the freedom to explore
and enjoy the outdoors in a secure outside area. Creating a "CatPad" enclosure using a licensed local builder gives you

  • peace of mind in knowing your cat is safe at all times.

Catpad enclosures offers you:

  • an individually designed cat enclosure to suit your home, garden or unit.
  • the fitting of access points to your house
  • the building of play scapes, ramps, observation posts, platforms, hammocks within the enclosure.
  • extensions and repairs to existing enclosures
  • aviary and shed conversions
  • quality builds by an insured builder

Your local choice in building cat enclosures

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